Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We effectively implement the Environmental Management System in our services and activities, we review and improve it continuously.

By maintaining our Health Safety Environment focus, we increase our recovery rates by reflecting environmental awareness, which is the main purpose of our activities, to all our business processes.

In line with our transparency principle, we work in compliance with applicable conditions and compliance obligations.

We fulfill the obligations of national laws. We work to become one of the best businesses in the world by specializing in recycling.

We select all of our suppliers in accordance with the management system that gives importance to the environment and human health, we work to raise awareness of inappropriate suppliers.

We attach importance to efficient use of resources in our activities. We help prevent pollution and protect the ecosystem.

We produce environmentally oriented projects that add value to our customers. We work for the principle of customer satisfaction.

Emergency situations, management of possible risks and opportunities, environmental aspects and energy efficiency practices, with the leadership of the management and the participation of employees, we keep it under control and increase the sensitivity of our stakeholders.

We provide social awareness by taking part in Social Responsibility projects.

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